Antique radiators – the classical that never gets old

Antique radiators – the classical that never gets old

This project is not just about antique cast iron radiators, but about the passion and taste for authenticity.


A challenging project

This impressive property dates from 1744, and it was in its original state and inhabited when Jo discovered it.

However, feeling like home here in Ardennes, he decided to restore the old house to its former beauty. Jo insisted on reusing many original materials and decorating with traditional elements from the area. After three years of hard work, the renovation process had come to an end. Now, the property is up for rent and is ready to welcome its visitors.


Choosing antique cast iron radiators 

The owner of Sous le Bois knew that the best heating solution is to use antique cast iron radiators. Thus, our mission here was to deliver a radiator model that would fit the heating demands and the initial design.


Firstly, we selected the Original American Rococo as the favorite radiator model, thanks to its floral motifs and cast iron heating advantages. Also, they are fully customized, fitted with taps designed by us, and supplied in the desired color. Secondly, we painted the antique pieces in a “gunmetal” color and mixed them with Floris and Traditio valves to match the style. As a result, the house is stylish all year round and warm during the cold season.


Writing about its story

The popular Belgian magazine “A way of living 2”, by Wonen Landelijke Stijl, wrote a full article about this property and the whole process behind its revival. The article also mentions us and our products, and we can not be more proud of being part of this journey. You can read the whole article if you buy the magazine.


Browse through the photos below to see how perfectly the Rococo radiators fit in this house: